Mature Misbehaving (Collected Stories)

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When I had tried to question her again she had dismissed it as just the effects of the alcohol. Sitting outside in the car wondering what I was doing there I saw one of the men come out of the building.

The House on Mango Street Teacher’s Guide

That accounts for one of them I thought, but he was only just out of sight when the other one came out. I sat and watched as they walked down the road together. Maybe they are just out to get a sandwich, I thought. When I could stand it no longer I drove further down the street and parked up.

I was going to follow them on foot. If they should spot me it would be easy to explain my presence without making myself look a fool. They walked to the shops — then passed them — then turned a corner walking away from the central area. It dawned on me where they were heading — toward the public park.

This was a chilly damp miserable January day — nobody spent lunchtimes in the park. A sickening thought entered my head. Maybe they had become lovers.

Now I was really upset and angry. They walked on and sure enough entered the park. After waiting a while to let them get ahead I walked quickly through the gates and took a winding path that would bring me above the main one that they were walking along. It was a typically English Victorian municipal public park, many winding paths flanked by large shrubs and borders.

Some open spaces had now been made into small car parks and picnic areas. Through the shrubbery I managed occasional glimpses of them. My heart raced and I felt sick when they left the main path and after walking a few yards up the path I was on they stopped — and kissed. So they were lovers. They walked up the path and I hid behind a tree while they passed me. The path then dropped down to a small car park and they waited at the edge of the path.

The only other people about were exercising their dogs and it was though they were waiting for them to leave.

Suddenly a car entered the parking area and stopped in the most secluded corner. My wife and the man began to walk toward the vehicle and she climbed into the back while the man got into the front. What the hell was going on? Taking up a vantage point above and to the side of them I realised that the driver was the second man from the office. They sat in the car chatting but seemed to keep glancing impatiently at a man messing with his dog.

Eventually the man drove away and all three occupants of the car looked round as though checking something out. Now there was only one more car besides theirs in the area. The two men in the front turned to speak to my wife sat in the back. Whatever they said made her nod her head in agreement. Then they all looked carefully around again. The man she had walked with got out of the car and opened the rear door — he climbed in to join my wife on the back seat. What happened next was unbelievable!

From the position that I had taken up all that I could see was heads and shoulders. They seemed to talk for a minute — then my wife moved closer to the man. Then they kissed and her head fell slightly back. The man in the front seat had turned to watch.

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My heart skipped a beat as I realised what the man kissing my wife was doing with his other hand. The movements told me he was playing with her breasts, then, from the movements of his shoulder it seemed his hand had reached further down. Was his hand now up her skirt? Those strange mixed feelings rose up from my stomach. I looked on in amazement as suddenly the man removed his arm from her shoulder — and her head disappeared down toward his lap. No points for guessing why! Jealousy, anger at being betrayed — you name it I felt it — but once again my cock was bursting from my trousers. As I looked on I wondered what the man in the front could actually see and was almost envious of him.

This was nothing to do with parties and alcohol — it was stone cold sober daylight — lunchtime for gods sake! My wife was sexually performing with a man in the back seat of a car whilst his friend watched. Was the other man masturbating? My hand went to my zip and I slowly pulled out my hard penis — this was wrong and weird but the urge was too strong — closing my hand round my cock I carried on watching while pulling slowly back and forth.

The images and thoughts that went through my mind produced an incredible sexual feeling. Had he ejaculated? Had she taken it in her mouth? It was about thirty seconds later when the rear door of the car opened and the man climbed back into the front passenger seat. Expecting them to drive away because it was all over quickly dampened the sexual feelings I had.

She was letting them both use her — giving them both a turn? She was spending her lunch hour sucking off two men? My wife? As I gasped with amazement the next thing I was conscious of was that my penis had immediately risen and the feelings had returned with a vengeance. The movements in the car where jerky and frantic. My wife and her cohort where busy with their hands — he probably unfastening her blouse and pulling up her bra — she probably getting his cock out and wanking him.

The thought made my cock twitch and my own hand worked faster. Events now took a different turn as both men and my wife looked around and surveyed the area. I soon found out when my wife climbed on the man and straddled his lap. Now she was higher I could make out her open blouse. My God! She was going to let him fuck her! Or rather she was going to fuck him! Was his cock inside her or was she just sat across his knee? Her torso began to rise and fall, slowly at first then more rapid and intense.

Yes — she was now truly being unfaithful — committing adultery — fucking another man. Tears began to run down my face as it hit home exactly what was happening. Betrayed and cuckold by my usually prim and proper wife. So the man watching was getting a close up view of a cock sliding in and out of her cunt and was a mere eighteen inches away from her bouncing bare arse.

As I watched the movements became more urgent — more intense — she was reaching a climax. The windows quickly began to steam up — now I could see hardly anything — just shapes moving.

Senior Slut-Wives (Collected Stories)

I saw her flop forward — she had reached her orgasm. My hand was wet — sperm ran down my trouser leg, streams of it shot forward onto the grass. On going back to the office I told the boss I was feeling rough. He said it was no problem and to take the rest of the day off.

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I went away to think — I actually went back to the park and sat in the car. So what was I to do?

If I confronted her she would leave — it would be the end of our marriage. I knew she would not be able to live with me knowing.


Things would never be the same again. What was I going to say? And would I be capable of acting normal and keeping my mouth shut? Another option was for me to pack a bag and leave now — just go! In the end I decided that there was no sense in rushing things — all the options would stay open. I would see what happened next. Over the next two weeks I sat in the car outside her office at lunchtimes expecting to catch her in the act — I never did.