Strategy and Tactics

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  1. Strategies and Tactics Examples
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  3. How to Define: Objective, Strategy and Tactic? [Infographic]
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  5. Strategic Planning: Strategy vs. Tactics - dummies

Named individuals will be accountable for the delivery of each tactic. When viewed in a plan, the progress towards strategic goals can be seen at any time. Strategy and tactics must both exist for an organisation to be successful, and they must work together. The Intrafocus strategic process helps organisations of all kinds to create and deliver successful strategies. Find out more at:. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Strategy Workshop Three-day facilitated strategy workshop.

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Strategies and Tactics Examples

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Free Preview Log in to our free-to-view system. Presentation QuickScore in overview for management. Customers Read what our customers have to say. Ask for a Free Trial. Strategy Vs Tactics Jul 5, Strategy. Tactics are the activities that take place to achieve the strategy, allowing the strategic plan to progress from milestone to milestone. Is it a strategy, or a tactic?

How to Define: Objective, Strategy and Tactic? [Infographic]

The two concepts are easily confused. Tactics describe: The way in the plan will be delivered, in terms of specific actions Concrete actions that are usually short-term in nature, and which are found in resources, detailed plans and best practices. There are three good acid tests to identifying whether something is a strategy or a tactic. Order of play: Strategy will always come first.

This means that they can be changed, but not lightly or easily. Tactics, on the other hand, can easily be adjusted to correct the course of action. Nature: Strategies are conceptual, but tactics are concrete. How are strategy and tactics linked? Scope All the resources within the organizations, as well as broader market conditions including competitors, customers, and economy.

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A subset of resources used in a plan or process. Tactics are often specific tactics with limited resources to achieve broader goals. Duration Long Term, changes infrequently. Shorter Term, flexible to specific market conditions.

Methods Uses experience, research, analysis, thinking, then communication. Uses experiences, best practices, plans, processes, and teams. Tactics : Offer lower cost solutions than enterprise competitors without sacrificing white-glove service for first 3 years of customer contracts.

Strategic Planning: Strategy vs. Tactics - dummies

Strategy : Maneuver our brand into top two consideration set of household decision makers. Tactics : Deploy a marketing campaign that leverages existing customer reviews and spurs them to conduct word of mouth with their peers in online and real world events. Tactics : Offer best in market compensation plan with benefits as well as sabbaticals to tenured top performers, source ideas from top talent. Strategy : Connect with customers while in our store and increase sales.

Tactics : Offer location based mobile apps on top three platforms, and provide top 5 needed use cases based on customer desire and usage patterns.

Strategy : Become a social utility that earth uses on an daily basis. Tactics : Offer a free global communication toolset that enables disparate personal interactions with your friends to monitor, share, and interact with. Next Next post: Pay Yourself First. Individuals who influence resources in the organization.

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