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I want to share with you the keys to expanding your knowledge, connecting to your intuition and taking your skills to the next level! Whether you're a client, a student, a Tarot enthusiast or another professional, I want to hear from you! I'm always happy to hear from you! Want to get to our most popular pages quickly and easily? I am astonished at your level of accuracy with regard to my current situation.

I wish you all the best with the great work you do".

The Tarot and How To Use Tarot Cards - Teal Swan-

Welcome to The Tarot Guide. Learn how to read Tarot. The cards represent a possible past, present, and future. The major arcana trump cards represent your journey through life, starting out as the innocent and carefree card representing The Fool at number 0 , and going through all your stages of life until you get to The World at number Each of the trump cards represents an important issue in your life and asks that you pay particular attention to this situation.

The minor arcana is a grouping of 56 tarot cards that acts as a support system for the major arcana. It's divided into 4 suits, much like playing cards, and each suit has 10 numbered cards and 4 court cards. Traditionally, these court cards are called page , knight , queen , and king. Some decks may use different titles for these figures but their meanings and their positions in the hierarchy of the court cards remain the same. Each suit of the minor arcana corresponds with a specific area of life, and each card has a meaning within that area. The number 1 is the first in a sequence representing beginnings.

Your Tarot Reading Guide

The guidance provided by tarot readings has stood the test of time. As with any tool, the tarot needs to be used responsibly. After all, the tarot is just a collection of images; they have no power on their own. Both the tarot and the zodiac exist in the mystical realm, and while they are distinct art forms, they overlap.

Tarot Cards: Guide to Tarot Reading & Deck Meanings (Free Readings!)

Tarot readings and the zodiac complement each other. A tarot reading can help you better understand your daily horoscope and vice versa. Each offers more clarity and context to the insight offered by the other. Want to see for yourself? Play your cards close to your chest with certain people as The Magicians never give away their secrets. Big things are coming your way! You might be presented with an opportunity to mentor someone or be mentored by someone who will give you the benefit of their experience. Your finances will be improving or you will have a great opportunity to make extra money when this card appears. The Magician in the context of a love Tarot reading is a positive card.

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For those in relationships, The Magician Tarot signifies the relationship moving to new and deeper level where you can expect stronger commitment and happiness. If you are single The Magician indicates that now is great time to meet someone new.

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Your partner will be serious about you, has good intentions and will treat you well. The universe is aligning to bring positive changes your way.

How Does This Course Work?

This Major Arcana trump card shows you that you must use your intellect, concentration and willpower to make things happen. The Magician usually signifies a time in your life when you have the power to manifest the outcome you want. If it is referring to other people in your life it usually refers to someone you can learn from whose ability and wisdom will impress you.

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Power, influence, willpower, resourcefulness, skill, ability, logic, intellect, concentration and psychic powers. Back to top. The Magician.