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  2. And that’s the best way to respond to: “WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING YOUR PHONE?” | The Bloggess
  3. Do you wake up confused and do unusual things?

John Urschel, a year-old offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, was so concerned about his mind, he retired in July after three seasons so he could focus on his PhD work in mathematics at MIT.

The science on CTE is still in its infancy. Another study, published earlier in July in JAMA Neurology , found that high school football players who played in the s died with normal brains. It was comforting that I knew what a concussion was. During my recovery, I began to understand the poverty of those descriptions. CTE is terrifying, but concussions themselves are bad enough.

Manual Things To Say While My Husband Is In The Shower... (Random Thoughts of _______ Book 1)

A concussion, according the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , is any kind of bump or jolt to the brain that results in a change in mental status. I knew they were the most common kind of brain injury, and often associated with athletic activity. I also knew they were mild traumatic brain injuries. The CDC has estimated that the number of annual concussions due to sports and other activities was as high as 3. Not every concussion results in a visit to the ER. What happens in any concussion — including mine — is a recognizable set of symptoms : confusion, fatigue, difficulty remembering new information, nausea, dizziness, mood changes, and sensitivity to light and sound.

The number of concussions receiving medical care has been on the rise in the last few decades, in part because people are more familiar with the idea of brain injuries. Your brain is a gelatinous mass, floating in a pool of cerebrospinal fluid inside your skull. Whiplash alone can generate a concussion.

The force of the impact with the skull can cause the brain to twist or even rebound against the other side of the skull. The result is chaos, says John Leddy , a concussion expert at the University of Buffalo.

  1. What Is a Concussion?.
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Brain cells stretch and twist, blood vessels become leaky, and the chemicals that the brain uses to communicate dump at random into the spaces between brain cells. The electrical activity of the brain is dampened. While some scientists are pursuing blood biomarkers or eye scans as a way of diagnosing a concussion, the best way of determining whether a person has a concussion or not is still a checklist of symptoms. This is reflected in the NFL concussion protocol , which goes into effect for any player displaying one of seven symptoms: loss of consciousness, slowness getting up, balance problems, a blank look, disorientation, clutching the head, and visual facial injury.

Any of those symptoms will get a player immediately removed from the field, to undergo examination by an independent neurologist. Whether this protocol works , however, remains something of an open question. The checklists work because concussions have predictable symptoms.

And that’s the best way to respond to: “WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING YOUR PHONE?” | The Bloggess

Anything that requires cooperation across larger areas of the brain, like balance, is going to be more affected by a concussion, Leddy says. A loss of balance is a classic symptom of concussion. Vision is similarly vulnerable, since the control of the eye is spread throughout the brain as well. Another common symptom of any brain injury, including concussion, is impaired memory. I experienced two kinds. The first was for events that occurred before my brain injury, called retrograde amnesia. The other kind, anterograde amnesia, is for events after the brain injury.

This form is probably due to the chaos that was taking place inside my skull. In one boxing match, he remembers going out, and then the next thing he remembers was using his opponent to pull himself up. The fight was three rounds, and each round was three minutes with a minute in between to pause.

Apparently, he came back from having been knocked out, determined to finish the match. The lost memories are probably the result of difficulty in the seahorse-shaped sections of the brain, called the hippocampus, Mullally tells me. These structures — there are two in a normal brain — are very sensitive to a lack of blood flow and changes in electrical activity.

And so he and I have gaps in our memory — he while boxing, and me, in the ER — where we were perfectly awake. When my memory started again, I was in a small room. A nurse was trying to make me comfortable. I was ravenously hungry, and requested food. She nodded and left, pulling the door most of the way closed behind her. I located my phone — under the blankets with me, I discovered — and began informing people that I had inconvenienced them. Where was my food?

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  • Suddenly, the hunger turned to nausea. I began looking for a call button, a way of alerting someone that I required a bucket.

    My Random Thoughts

    Mood changes are common with concussion, and mine started the moment I woke up. Yes, I was confused; I was also, maybe more accurately, bemused. All I needed to do was lie in bed and let people examine me. It was a lot like floating on an inner tube down a river: I remained still and the scenery changed. But now the people were gone, and I was alone in the room.

    My chin was scraped, as was my nose.

    Do you wake up confused and do unusual things?

    My left eye was at half-mast, but overall, it was fine. Besides, my eyebrows and hair looked great. Immediately after getting a good look at me, he seated himself quickly on the floor and put his head between his knees. My face, I understood, was so disturbing that he had nearly fainted. After Andrew had recovered from the shock, I made the first catalog of my injuries. My face hurt, of course, but so did my left shoulder, hip, and knee.

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    All would later produce technicolor bruises. I had chipped a tooth. That was it. The most damage was on my face. I must have landed directly on my head. When I stood up for the first time since the crash, I discovered standing made The Headache worse. I had only the vaguest sense of where my limbs were and whether my feet were aligned correctly with the floor.

    My body had become a clumsy mecha suit, and I was trapped inside, trying to operate what felt like a large hunk of metal. Then, I was discharged. We went home in a cab big enough to hold the two of us and my totaled bike. I figured my recovery would take a week. I was wrong.

    I alarmed people pretty much every time I mentioned my concussion. Never mind that the actual injury was not scary to me — it scared everyone around me. The brain lives pretty close in our imaginations to the self. This belief is probably why brain injuries scare people. Personality is a major part of how we understand ourselves; in fact, we use it as a reference for famous people, like a television personality.

    To have your personality altered by brain trauma seems to upset people more than having it altered by, for instance, emotional trauma. Or rather, I was a pessimist before I hit my head; I am slowly returning to it now. But I spent about a month after the crash incapable of doing anything other than looking on the bright side. I could go on playing with both hands, but only the top half of the keyboard was available.